Semi: the integrated circuit industry will continue to grow and be full of vitality

Column:Industry Trends Time:2017-09-11
On the occasion of the opening of the "Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium" (bims2017) on September 7,

On the occasion of the opening of the "Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium" (bims2017) on September 7, Ajit manocha, global president and CEO of semi, attended the conference and analyzed the development trend of the global semiconductor industry in his speech. Ajit said that China has become the fastest developing region in the global semiconductor industry chain. Semi will fully support the development of China's semiconductor industry and speak for the healthy development of the industry.

Semi China, which is committed to helping realize the "Chinese semiconductor dream", has become a partner to realize the "Chinese semiconductor dream" by virtue of the advantages of international, professional and localized service platforms.

In his keynote speech entitled "the next wave: innovation and growth of the integrated circuit industry", Ajit manocha listed a series of data, deeply analyzed the development trend of various subdivisions of the global semiconductor industry, and pointed out that the current investment in global semiconductor equipment and wafer factory construction tends to be vigorous. According to semi world Fab forecast in May this year, by 2018, it is estimated that the global semiconductor equipment expenditure will reach US $54 billion, and the investment in semiconductor fab construction will reach US $10 billion. Among them, the Chinese market leads the world in the investment in the field of wafer foundry and memory.

In view of the future innovation industry trend and technology application of the semiconductor industry, Ajit pointed out that with the rapid development of the intelligent trend in these industries, there is a high integration trend of diversified technologies such as sensors, LEDs, sip, MEMS, advanced packaging, IC and flexible hybrid electronics. In addition, the continuous expansion of emerging fields and new vertical market applications has also injected new momentum into the integrated circuit industry, driving the next wave of industrial growth, "because integrated circuits are the foundation of all these technologies."

"As a global semiconductor industry organization, semi is committed to promoting the development of the global semiconductor manufacturing industry chain. As the fastest developing region of the global semiconductor industry, China will also give the strongest support to the development of China's semiconductor industry." Ajit said that in the past 47 years, semi has been committed to promoting the connection, cooperation, growth and prosperity in the industry. In the next 47 years, semi will continue to adhere to this concept.

At the meeting, the launch ceremony of semi industrial innovation investment platform (siip China) was also held, and the formal establishment of semi industrial innovation investment platform (siip China) and semi industrial innovation investment advisory committee was announced.

Ju long, global vice president of semi and President of China, said that the development of the semiconductor industry must have passion, so as to adhere to the deepening of industrial innovation; At the same time, the development of the semiconductor industry needs to be more professional. As the core foundation of cutting-edge applications such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and automatic driving, chips are extremely professional fields. It can be said that now is the era of "chips are king"; In addition, the development of the semiconductor industry must be internationalized, and more international resources should be introduced to integrate into the global semiconductor industry chain.
The launch meeting of semi China intelligent manufacturing Committee was also held on the same day, announcing the formal establishment of semi China intelligent manufacturing Committee.President Julong said, "semi has promoted the establishment of intelligent manufacturing committees in different regions of the world. We hope to establish a platform to integrate enterprises in all links of the industrial chain and promote intelligent manufacturing cooperation in the industrial chain." Semi China intelligent manufacturing committee will promote exchanges and cooperation in the industry in the form of forums, salons and symposiums.

The sub Forum on the second day of bims2017 (September 8) consists of six topics: advanced manufacturing technology forum for integrated circuits, electronic core technology forum for new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence chip and Application Innovation Forum, the third Beijing Taiwan panel display industry summit forum and display control chip technology seminar, 5g and Internet of things special forum and new energy vehicle electronic ecological development special forum.

Among them, the advanced IC manufacturing and Technology Forum organized by semi focuses on how to strengthen the core competitiveness of China's semiconductor manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing by Zhang Guoming, senior vice president of North Huachuang, Internet of things low-power chip by Dr. Ning Xianjie of SMIC, Mattson's equipment and technology, sip of sun moon light surface to Internet of things chip, and material topics brought by Huate gas and Henkel have aroused high enthusiasm for learning and passion for in-depth discussion among young engineers on site.

The 2017 Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium and China new energy automotive electronics Summit Forum took the theme of "integration and sharing, opening and cooperation, and building an industrial core ecology" and focused on the market applications of 5g and the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, new energy automotive electronics, and the third generation semiconductor materials under the new situation to discuss cooperation and development plans.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology and the Beijing municipal government, BIMS is an annual event organized by the Beijing Economic and Information Commission and jointly sponsored by the Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association, the International Semiconductor Industry Association (semi) and the American Huamei Semiconductor Association (CASPA) and regularly held in Beijing.