Position management

Zijing micro attaches importance to the standardized management of posts, establishes and optimizes the post system suitable for the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of the company, normalizes and improves the post level and professional sequence of the company, and meets the career development demands of different types of employees. The company has planned a seven level dual channel post promotion system of technology and management, providing different career development opportunities and sustainable development space for employees of different professional categories.

Career planning

Zijing micro cares about the career development of employees, encourages and helps employees to formulate career development plans, defines career development directions, establishes career development paths, and realizes the sustainable development of employees.


In Zijing micro, the promotion of employees' positions is based on the rank. According to the different emphasis of each channel, the promotion is carried out according to the job responsibilities, qualification conditions and the actual working ability of employees, and in combination with the results of employee performance assessment, so as to ensure that the abilities and qualities of employees meet the requirements of the position; In case of job vacancy, employees who are hardworking, competent and outstanding will be given priority to get job promotion and development opportunities.

Reserve Talents

Zijingwei attaches great importance to the construction of reserve talents and cadre echelons, and candidates will be trained and trained; The company respects every employee and cherishes his contribution to the enterprise. The speed of personal career development of employees depends in the final analysis on their own abilities, efforts and achievements.